Amazon worker says he broke dress code for long nails


A creator of TikTok who said he worked for Amazon said he faces a dress code violation for having long fingernails.

In the video, the creator recorded showing his fingernails as the voiceover read the text of the video: “The Amazon manager came to me and told me I had to remove my fingernails or that I had to go home, so I went to HR.

The video gained over a million views and over 34,500 likes on Saturday. The comments section was torn between supporting the Amazon worker and claiming that there are already rules banning long fingernails. “If you already knew the rules, then why try to break them anyway,” one person commented. The designer responded by saying, “Uh girl, they don’t have a nail policy. Nobody was breaking shit here.

According to, which described Amazon’s dress code, it “doesn’t have a specific nail policy. You can sort or long nails as you like. Sort or long doesn’t matter, but you need to keep safety in mind.

Another person said, “I mean… they’re about as long as your fingers.” I think that would make this job more difficult. They are trying to avoid an accident. To which the creator responded to the comment: “I’ll say it once. Just [because] you don’t all know how to work with nails, that doesn’t mean I don’t know.

One person who commented that she was a manufacturing safety professional and “does not allow fingernails longer than the actual finger due to safety / ergonomics concerns.”

The Daily Dot has contacted the creator and Amazon for comment.

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* First published: December 25, 2021, 5:06 p.m. CST

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