Anxiety skyrockets as UK professionals prepare to return to the office full-time


Anxiety skyrockets as UK professionals prepare to return to the office full-time

“The work-from-home trend was already gaining popularity before the onset of COVID-19 in March 2020. However, as swathes of the UK population were forced to work from home, many found they were enjoying the benefits of work remotely and are keen to avoid returning to work full time.

The survey then found that, despite such a large proportion of employees worried about returning to the office, less than a quarter (23.2%) felt comfortable enough to discuss their concerns with a manager. Additionally, 73.9% of UK workers said their employer had offered no mental health support to help staff make the transition to the workplace.

Among the 26.1% of companies that offered mental health support, the most common solution was to offer a staggered return to work and regular check-ups with a manager (45.7%), followed closely by l ” access to an employee assistance program (EAP). (40%) and a practical guide to help staff prepare (28.6%).

Interestingly, two-thirds (65.4%) of employers denied staff the option of working from home full time or extending working hours remotely.

Biggins continues: “After such a hectic year, it’s understandable that companies want to bring back their staff. However, it is important that employers remain open to the idea of ​​more flexible work models. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the UK labor market in many ways, and the adoption of remote work is certainly one of them. Business owners should listen to the needs of their staff and update their flexible working policy as necessary. It is clear that many companies can operate with the majority of their staff working remotely, so embracing this revolution is the best way forward through 2021. Any employer who doesn’t can more and more difficulty retaining and attracting new team members during a vital period of recovery and as we come out of lockdown and restrictions. ”

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