At least 3 trees felled every hour for the past 3 years: Department of Forestry in Delhi HC | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: Confirming the fear of environmental activists, data shows that the Delhi Forest Department has authorized the cutting or transplanting of at least 77,000 trees, or three trees per hour, for development work in the city in the course of the past three years.
According to reports filed in the Delhi High Court, only a third of the trees transplanted during the period survived. The court had last month banned the felling of trees in the city and asked for a report on the number of tree felling permits granted over the past three years, while noting that more than two trees are cut every hour. Authorities have allowed agencies to cut or transplant 29,946 trees under section 9 of the Delhi Tree Preservation Act (DPTA) and 47,474 trees under section 29 of the act during of the last three years.
Judge Najmi Waziri hears a plea from a certain Neeraj Sharma against the concretization of trees in the Vikas Marg in East Delhi. According to the data, authorities in the Western Forest Division authorized the cutting of 8,953 trees and the transplanting of 13,486 trees – the most among all the forest divisions in the capital – over the past three years. The Forest Department granted permission to cut 2,866 trees and transplant 701 trees in the Central Forest Division during the period.
Authorities allowed agencies to cut 689 trees and transplant 269 in the northern forest division. They enabled the felling of 982 trees and the transplanting of 2,000 trees in the southern forest department. The Delhi government has issued 52 notifications under Section 29 of the DPTA from 2019 to 2021 authorizing the felling of a total of 15,426 trees and the transplanting of 32,048 trees in the capital.
In a status report, the Forest Department said only a third (33.33%) of the 16,461 trees transplanted under Section 9 of the Act over the past three years survived, although an affidavit filed last week said user agencies planted only 1,58,522 saplings compared to the 4,09,046 mandated over the past three years instead of cut trees.

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