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The attack of the Titans is one of the most popular manga stories ever made. However, not all fans are aware of the prequels and spinoffs the series has had over the years, one of which is Attack on Titan: no regrets.

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This two-volume manga tells how Levi joins the Survey Corps and became close to Erwin. The two have been through a lot together and since they are both beloved characters, readers have enjoyed learning how they first met. As with most stories in the franchise, the writing of this title was excellent and these 10 quotes stood out more than the rest.

ten “It’s the face of a man who wants to kill me and escape me. I would like to avoid harsh treatment if I can. I will ask again. Where did you learn the vertical maneuver? “

Levi and Erwin come face to face for the first time

Levi and Erwin weren’t always close comrades. Levi lived in the subway with his friends, Isabel and Furlan. All three were criminals who learned to use vertical maneuvering devices. Impressed with Levi’s skills, Erwin gave him the choice of joining the Survey Corps or being charged for his crimes. The trio decided to join the military, but Levi had a goal in mind. He wanted to kill the squad leader.

9 “You say that, but if I end up beating the Titans, doesn’t that make all the elites inferior to the punks?” “

After the three became members of the Survey Corps, they were treated badly by the other soldiers. One of them told Isabel that she couldn’t do anything against the titans and that people much stronger than she failed to defeat them. However, Isabel was very confident and said these words. Although she didn’t live longer, she was confident in her skills until she faced death.

8 “That’s because we haven’t produced very impressive results against the Titans yet, but one thing is for sure. What happens with this new roster will also decide what happens to us in the future. Towards the next milestone. ! “

When Flagon first met Levi, Isabel, and Furlan, he was very disrespectful to them. However, after seeing how competent they were, his attitude began to change.

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When they spoke about Erwin’s training, he explained to them why other branches of the military and civilians disliked the Survey Corps. Luckily, Erwin’s plan would eventually bring hope to the people in the Survey Corps.

7 “When I joined the Survey Corps and fought the Titans face to face, I learned exactly how perilous the plight of mankind is. Wealth, authority, lofty ideals. If the Titans get there. inside the walls, they will all disappear in an Instant. And that’s why, no matter what means we have to use, we can never give up our efforts to take this world back from the Titans! “

Erwin's suicide charge against Beast Titan.

In the beginning of manga, Darius told Erwin and Keith that everyone around them, especially City Councilor Lovof, began to lose faith in the Survey Corps. Erwin decided he would do anything to stop Lovof from shutting them down. He said these words to Keith, letting him know how important saving their branch was to him. A few days later, the Survey Corps was cleared to use Erwin’s training.

6 “Everyone saw your fight. You gave them hope that the humans don’t have to lose to the Titans if we fight well. It was truly exceptional!”

While Levi, Furlan, and Isabel had a private conversation about Erwin’s murder, Hange approached them and told them how much she admired watching them fight. Up to this point, the soldiers did not see much value in the three of the Underground. When she asked Levi if he could teach her something, he refused to help her, not wanting to be responsible for her life. Neither of them knew they would be close comrades for years to come.

5 “As you will understand, the Survey Corps was built on countless sacrifices like this. There is still too much we don’t know about the outside world. But if that means taking back the world for the sake of it. humanity, I’m sure none of them regret dedicating their hearts to this cause. Not a single one. “

When Erwin saw Levi alone, he saw it as an opportunity to speak with his strongest recruit. He asked him how he settled into the military and told him his battle with a titan earlier today was brilliant. Levi explained that he won this fight seeing how another member of the Survey Corps lost to the titan. Erwin says these words to Levi before the recruit joins his friends again.

4 “It wasn’t worth wasting their lives! They were just pawns in your worthless game. Well you lose. “

At the end of the manga, Furlan and Isabel died to the titans. Losing everything, Levi decided it was time to kill Erwin, now blaming him for the deaths of his comrades.

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When he confronted him, Erwin told Levi that all that happened was to win his fight against Lovof. Hearing this, Levi almost killed him, but Erwin managed to convince the rookie that it wasn’t his fault.

3 “I feel like I’m starting to understand why these guys come here. Coming out of the walls, it’s like we want to rise above, get out of the subway. A lot of my friends died in the subway, dreaming to do it up there. Seeing them, I felt like I just had to go up there. “

Attack on Titan Isabel

Isabel and her friends always wanted to live a better life and get out of the Underground but never thought about what was beyond Wall Maria. During her short time in the Survey Corps, she learned how much she looked like her new comrades. Furlan began to think that she really wanted to join the Survey Corps. However, his decision to fight the Titans by their side resulted in in his own disappearance.

2 “I’m going alone. You two join Flagon. I’ll get the documents, and then I’ll be the one to kill him. I won’t let him get eaten by a titan.”

levi close up

All along The attack of the TitansLevi has always said that since he doesn’t know the outcome of a decision, he can’t guarantee what he and his comrades should do. The reason he feels this way is because of the choice he made that led to Death of Isabel and Furlan. He decided to go and accomplish their mission on his own. Because of this, Isabel and Furlan couldn’t handle the titans they faced without their best friend. When he returned, it was too late. He missed his chance to save them seconds before he could.

1 “What about you, Levi?” Are your eyes still cloudy? Will you kill me and return to the dark dungeons? We will not give up going out of the walls. Fight with the Survey Corps, Levi! “

Erwin has always been a good talker. When Levi almost killed him, he managed to convince him that the Titans are to blame for all the evil that befell him and that they are his real enemies. Levi decided to join the Survey Corps, for real this time. The two became very close and fought the Titans for years until Levi had to choose between leaving Erwin or Armin die. Ultimately, Levi was really responsible for Erwin’s death, even after he didn’t want to.

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