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In May, the Marshalltown Area Chamber of Commerce announced plans to launch a new “Marshalltown Leadership” class as part of an effort to honor and continue the 30-year legacy of the Marshalltown Leadership Program. ‘Iowa Valley. The organization just received more good news as the class will now include an official Kansas Leadership Center (KLC) curriculum thanks to a contribution from the Martha-Ellen Tye Foundation.

“Investing in the next generation of leaders through the KLC program demonstrates this partnership’s commitment to developing the skills required to meet the evolving and long-term leadership needs needed to find solutions to our community’s challenges,” said Heidi Pierson, executive director of the Martha-Ellen Tye Foundation. Dalal said.

As Kyle Hall, the chamber’s Workforce Development Coordinator, explained, the lack of a dedicated core curriculum was an issue he hoped to resolve once the new class began, and he think working with the KLC will do that.

“Where there were tours and guest speakers and different things like that, there was no real leadership program on how the individual, at the end of the course, was truly a better leader,” said Hall said. “On a community level, they understood the community better and could be a better member of the community, but this individual, this person taking the course, how were they really a better leader as an individual or as a employee for whom they work?

In total, Hall added, it took about three to four months of serious conversations to properly reconfigure the scope of the class and find the right curriculum, but the Wichita-based organization, which sent representatives to Marshalltown for a session listening to Van Gogh in March, turned out to be the ideal solution. Former graduates of the leadership course, according to Hall, have been more likely to engage in the community both through volunteer opportunities and even running for office.

“It’s really (for) anybody who wants to be a better leader, and it’s designed to be exactly that. So the CEO of a company could come in and take that, and we could also have an entry-level manager in the class,” he said. “We could have an HR manager and a retired person. We could have a bunch of different levels of management, because there’s no real age. Leadership is a developing skill, you can learn it at any age and you can develop it at any age.

Hall himself is an alumnus of the Iowa Valley Leadership Program five years ago, and he said the experience opened doors and provided networking opportunities with several other professionals he is still with. contact in the region.

Applications for the course will be accepted until August 5, after which they will be reviewed with up to 25 potential places available. The course will begin with a two-day kick-off on September 15-16 before continuing with monthly sessions through May 2023.

“It’s really exciting to see what this will become and what the next few years can really mean for Marshall County as we bring people to this course,” Hall said. “I think learning new leadership skills, learning about local issues and resources, (and) being able to connect with community leaders, it really helps you grow your network and build your knowledge in whole community while adding leadership skills. It’s win-win at all levels. »


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