Chennai man hailed for cleaning up three ambulances stuck in traffic in the rain


Jinnah led the way for nearly 4 km in the rain for ambulances stranded at Anna Salai. Credit: Twitter / VishalDharm

Jinnah, a bank manager, is winning hearts online for clearing the way for three ambulances stuck in a traffic jam in Anna Salai.

  • Last update:January 03, 2022, 12:21 IST

As heavy rains hit Chennai, high water saturation was recorded in different parts of the city. The sounds of traffic roamed the streets, bringing the life of the city to a halt. Amid heavy downpours and traffic jams, one man’s efforts to pull three ambulances out of the traffic jam are winning hearts online. The man, Jinnah, a bank manager, led the way for nearly 4 km in the rain for ambulances stuck at Anna Salai. Jinnah’s timely intervention, after parking his two-wheeler, helped save the lives of critically ill patients in ambulances on their way to the Rajiv Gandhi government hospital, according to a report in India Today. His selfless act was recorded by an ambulance driver and widely shared on social media.

IFS officer Sudha Ramen called him a “hero” and wished the New Year had more “human and positive stories”, while sharing it on his Twitter account with the caption: ” Bank manager Jinnah had cleared the way for ambulances on New Years Eve in Chennai and walked about 4 km until the ambulances reached the hospital.

The video has garnered over 145,000 views and over 2,000 likes. Appreciative comments flooded the social media platform, with one user saying, “A real hero, not a real hero.”

One of the ambulance drivers also clicked on a photo with Jinnah, which was shared by IndiaToday and Polimer News.

Earlier in 2020, a traffic police officer in Hyderabad was praised for a similar act of kindness where he drove through a traffic jam to clear the road for a critical patient in an ambulance.

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