City Manager Greg Nyhoff will be leaving Vallejo; walk away with $ 577,536 –


by John Glidden | June 30, 2021

VALLEJO – The Greg Nyhoff era in Vallejo is over.

Vallejo City Council will meet on Thursday in a special meeting to approve a $ 577,536 resignation and separation agreement between the city of Vallejo and Nyhoff.

Payment is the remaining balance owed to Nyhoff under his employment contract with the city, which was due to end in January 2023.

“This is something we had to sort out,” Vallejo Mayor Robert McConnell said when contacted for comment on Nyhoff.

McConnell said he didn’t expect town hall to have an impact as the council continues to address issues within the city, including reform of the Vallejo Police Department.

Nyhoff has been out of town hall for almost a month due to an undisclosed illness.

The reaction to the news was swift as civil rights lawyer Melissa Nold expressed her satisfaction at Nyhoff’s imminent departure from Vallejo.

“I’m going to have a champagne toast and a dessert potluck to celebrate,” said Nold, who has been an ardent critic of Nyhoff.

“I’m glad he’s leaving,” she added, “but I’m flabbergasted that he’s leaving with the money.”

Nold called the settlement amount a “bad lawyer” from Vallejo City lawyer Veronica Nebb.

His disappearance raised eyebrows as it came shortly before city council is expected to approve Nyhoff’s recommended budget for the 2021-22 fiscal year. It also came days after the city’s housing manager, Judy Shepard-Hall, was put on paid administrative leave.

Before he was put on leave, Shepard-Hall filed a complaint against Nyhoff with the city’s human resources department.

City Hall declined to discuss the complaint and / or Shepard-Hall’s placement on leave, saying it was a personnel issue.

Earlier this week, U-Haul vehicles were seen outside Nyhoff’s home on Mare Island. It is not known whether he moved to another part of town or out of Vallejo.

The bulk of the payment, $ 408,542, will be equal to the amount of salary Nyhoff would receive until the end of the employment contract. He will also receive $ 67,382 for 528 hours of unused vacation, $ 36,768 that would have gone to his CalPERS, $ 3,000 in car allowance and $ 23,100 for housing allowance, as well as his medical insurance.

The special meeting of the Vallejo City Council will start at 6 p.m.

Members of the public can provide public comment during the meeting via ZOOM (, or by phone, by dialing (669) 9006833.

To watch the reunion, watch local channel Vallejo 28; stream from the city’s website:; or join the Zoom on

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