Coal theft scam | Law Enforcement Directorate summons TMC’s Abhishek Banerjee


Abhishek Banerjee was summoned by the Law Enforcement Directorate the day after the TMC leadership prophesied

Abhishek Banerjee was summoned by the Law Enforcement Directorate the day after the TMC leadership prophesied

On August 30, the Directorate of Law Enforcement (ED) issued a summons to Trinamool Congressional Secretary (TMC), Abhishek Banerjee, in connection with the coal theft scam. The ED has asked the MP for Diamond Harbor to appear outside its office in Kolkata on September 2.

The summons comes a day after the party’s two chairmen, Mamata Banerjee and Abhishek Banerjee, at a public meeting expressed concern that summonses could be issued by central investigative agencies to key party leaders.

The Trinamool Congress in a series of tweets targeted the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the central agency. “After every successful display of organizational strength by AITC, @BJP4India springs into action. Our leaders are once again summoned by the @dir_ed. This shameful attempt to bully us will not work! Our integrity will shine through your slander!” tweeted the TMC from its official handle.

West Bengal’s ruling party has also targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accusing him of being “vengeful” and “petty”.

“Amazing how the @dir_ed is still BJP-fied! Mr PM we wonder what makes you so vengeful, so petty? Unable to accept the love people have for the entire Trinamool Congress family, you send ED after our leaders, as soon as BENGAL REJECTS YOU. Give it up already!”, tweeted the TMC.

Addressing a gathering of the party’s student wing, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said, “Abhishek gave a good speech today. It may happen that they can send him a notice tomorrow.

Mr. Banerjee also spoke on similar lines and said that after the mega rally in the next few days, something major will happen as the BJP cannot fight the TMC politically and uses the central investigative agencies.

Summonses were also issued to Mr Banerjee’s sister-in-law, Monica Gambhir, to appear before the ED in Delhi on September 5. She contacted the Calcutta High Court to request that she be allowed to appear before the agency in Kolkata.

In July, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) filed an indictment in the coal theft scam against 41 people accusing them of fraudulently diverting coal from the leasehold area coal reserve under the dominance of ECL (Eastern Coalfields Limited) and also stock coal parked in railway sidings for sale and supply. Mr. Banerjee was not named in the indictment which brought charges against former chief executives, former chief executives, former security officers and other ECL officials.

The ED summons also comes at a time when the TMC is falling victim to corruption allegations after the arrest of its two party heavyweights – former general secretary Partha Chatterjee in a recruitment scam and Anubrata Mondal in a cattle smuggling scam.


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