Complaint filed against the local city manager for harassment and discrimination


BELLMEAD, Texas (KWTX) – A harassment and discrimination complaint has been filed against Bellmead City manager Yost Zakhary.

The complaint was filed Monday by Asst. Bellmead Police Chief Brenda Kinsey.

According to a copy of the complaint filed as a result of an investigation by his legal team Johnson, Hobbs & Squires, LLP, Zakhary engaged in “constant, repeated and ongoing harassment, discrimination on the basis of sex and a unlawful behavior towards one or more City employees, including Kinsey.

Kinsey is the only person in the Bellmead Police Department to hold a peace master’s license, the complaint says, and she goes on to claim that Zakhary “consistently diminished or marginalized” his role in favor of his male subordinates.

“Frustrated by Ms. Kinsey’s experience and superior qualifications, and in a particular effort to decrease Ms. Kinsey’s level of expertise, on December 1, 2021, Mr. Zakhary revised (i.e. intentionally lowered ) the minimum qualifications necessary for the post of chief of police candidates in order to favor existing male candidates, ”the document states.

The document then alleges that Zakhary actively asked the employees of the dirt on Kinsey to “get rid of her.”

And it’s not just Kinsey Zakhary who’s aiming, according to the complaint.

“For example, when the deputy managing director (and chief financial officer and head of human resources) recently received a haircut, Mr. Zakhary called her in the office a ‘Di * e,’ the document said. More recently, on or around December 1, 2021, while discussing Ms Kinsey in a meeting with one or more city employees and officials, Mr Zakhary called Ms Kinsey a ‘Bi ** h’ . “

Zakhary, the former Woodway city manager who resigned in 2018 over sexual harassment complaints, was hired at Bellmead in April 2020 after serving as the city’s interim city manager for more than a year.

“The Town of Bellmead is undoubtedly aware that Mr. Zakhary has a history of sexual harassment and gender discrimination in the workplace throughout his career and while employed by the Town of Bellmead.” , indicates the document. “The City would have been aware of Mr. Zakhary’s history of discriminatory behavior when it initially hired Mr. Zakhary, as Mr. Zakhary’s resignation from the City of Woodway (and the reasons leading up to it) was largely publicized in Waco and is a matter of public record. “

Kinsey was put on administrative leave by Mr. Zakhary on December 10, citing a Texas Rangers investigation in which the complaint says Zakhary pushed and lied because it never materialized.

“Sir. Zakhary called Mr. Leonard and Ms. Kinsey into his office and informed Ms. Kinsey that he was going to put her on administrative leave,” the document reads. “Surprisingly, during the discussion, Mr. Zakhary told Ms. Kinsey that the Texas Rangers had decided to investigate her, but that he had temporarily prevented them from prosecuting so that “it could be handled internally.”

The document goes on to say, “Dissatisfied with the Texas Rangers’ reluctance to pursue Mr. Zakhary’s fabricated allegations, Mr. Zakhary has now taken matters into his own hands, placing Ms. Kinsey on administrative leave without first informing Ms. Kinsey of any misconduct. presumed, any prior discipline or following any progressive disciplinary procedure whatsoever.

The complaint alleges that Zakhary scheduled his leave before Tuesday night’s council meeting to select a new police chief.

The complaint demands that Kinsey be taken off leave and that Zakhary be put on leave until the allegations of the claim are fully investigated.

A call to Zakhary’s office was not immediately returned.

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