Connecticut State Police’s Hopeful Promotions Help With Retention, Recruitment


MERIDEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Three dozen Connecticut State Police troopers were promoted Thursday to lieutenant colonel, lieutenant or sergeant. The state police hope these promotions will lead to longer terms.

Lt. Humberto Henriques says getting promoted is a dream come true. He emigrated from Portugal to the United States when he was 6 years old and has spent the last 15 years with the Connecticut State Police.

“There has always been this struggle to learn the [English] language and realizing that it’s the best country in the world and you can find your goals,” said Henriques.

After working at New York City Transit, Sergeant was born in Brooklyn. Troy Biggs says his commitment to serve Connecticut has come to fruition.

“I’ve worked hard for the past 12 1/2 years to do everything the agency asked of me, and that’s one of the rewards,” Biggs said.

The Connecticut State Police is facing a personnel shortage, like other law enforcement agencies across the country. The state had about 1,100 sworn soldiers ten years ago. Officials tell News 8 that they currently have around 800 members in the force, and they hope these promotions will help with retention.

“Much of our leadership has retired, so hiring new and fresh soldiers in these positions will not only benefit themselves, but it will also benefit the agency,” said Sgt. says Christine Jeltema.

Newly promoted soldiers want to help build the agency and bond with the community.

“Anyone who wants to do this job, just know that it’s the best job in the world,” Henriques said. “No two days are alike.”

“Sometimes negative things come out of the state police,” Biggs said. “It’s a family, and I believe we help a lot of people in the state of Connecticut.”


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