Converge partners with SweldoMo to modernize workplaces

Converge National SME Sales Head Blue Aldridge, Converge Corporate Sales Group Head Rose Abarquez, Converge Chief Operating Officer Jesus Romero, SweldoMo Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Nino Obach and Converge Wholesale and Enterprise Sales Group Head Alan Ronald Smyth, following the signing of the Converge and SweldoMo with the common vision of transforming businesses into modern workplaces.

Converge ICT Solutions, has signed a partnership with SweldoMo to promote their shared vision of empowering businesses through reliable and efficient digital solutions.

Converge COO Jesus Romero and SweldoMo Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Nino Obach signed the agreement on February 21, signaling an expansion of the two companies’ ability to help more SMBs. and large companies.

“Converge continues to become more than just an internet service provider, providing business growth opportunities through our digital solutions. This partnership has the common goal of making business management more convenient to maximize growth and efficiency,” Romero said.

“At SweldoMo, we believe that digital efficiency is for everyone. By ensuring the highest level of precision in our automated processes, we can enable more businesses to achieve functional efficiency in their day-to-day operations and become a modern workplace. Converge will greatly help us achieve this goal,” added Obach.

With this partnership, SweldoMo will now be part of Converge “Workplace” which aims to provide automated solutions to make running businesses easier and more efficient. In addition to SweldoMo, other solutions will be launched in the future as part of Converge Workplace to provide convenient technology tools for SMEs and enterprises.

Facilitate the management of the company from hiring to retirement

SweldoMo, under Converge “Workplace” solutions, is an automated payroll and HR management system that supports HR, Timekeeping and Payroll processes. It is a Cloud service accessible via any device, anytime and anywhere. Developed by BD BPO Inc., it is designed to be simple, efficient, reliable, secure and customizable to easily adapt to the unique payroll structure of small and large businesses.

Converge Workplace SweldoMo envisions businesses as a modern workplace, moving to fully automated processes from the usual manual procedures. A modern workplace allows employers and employees to do almost everything virtually, from hiring to the retirement process.

Thanks to SweldoMo, time and attendance management is already automated, guaranteeing 100% real-time and accurate data. This feature eliminates errors, double entry records and other inconsistencies due to manual processing.

With SweldoMo’s FaceDTR mobile app, users can dial in and out on the go. Integrated with photo capture and geotagging features, it is perfect for a work anywhere scenario which is one of the elements of a modern workplace.

It also has an employee self-service portal accessible through the mobile or web app. With this, employees can file their DTRs, overtime, official working days, vacations, view time logs, and request COEs hassle-free. Managers can also approve these requests in real time.

The software also values ​​accuracy and speed, especially when it comes to processing employee salaries. With Converge Workplace SweldoMo, delayed salaries will now be a thing of the past. Payroll processing with SweldoMo can be done in minutes instead of days thanks to its automated processes.

SweldoMo also helps companies move to dematerialization, thanks to its automated processing of 201 employee files. Employers can access personnel records from anywhere, without having to wade through piles of paper and filing cabinets.

Most importantly, the system is deemed to be compliant with government regulations, including with the Department of Labor and Employment and Data Protection Act. SweldoMo has a dedicated team that monitors all government regulations to ensure the system is adjusted accordingly with recent state mandates. SweldoMo has also obtained a Certificate of Compliance from the National Privacy Commission, to ensure that all data stored and collected is secure.

Converge Workplace SweldoMo works as an “HR in your pocket” for all sizes of businesses – from SMEs to large enterprises. This technology solution is scalable and cost effective, so it can adapt to businesses as their organization grows.

“We want businesses to grow without worrying too much about their expansion costs. With the help of Converge Workplace SweldoMo, organizations can increase their workforce of employees to maximize efficiency, without putting too much cost on HR management,” Romero said.




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