Croatian platform promotes digitization and optimization


October 29, 2021 – The Croatian platform (č has been in use since the end of September, and the thriving Croatian nautical tourism sector has a whole new place at its disposal when it comes to securing all information relevant. for business operations in the future.

As Poslovni Dnevnik / Marija Crnjak writes, after a year of preparation the Croatian portal was officially launched by Selma Cmelik, tourist communication specialist with many years of experience in charter and owner of the digital marketing agency Zona Plus. . His idea was to bring together all the information, tools, guidelines and various resources necessary for the success of the business of boat rental companies in this country, but also to encourage digitization in the sector.

“As someone who worked in the rental industry and now works in digital marketing, I felt the need to create a website that would have all of this important information for everyday rental business, but which would also contain ideas, tools and resources in the form of statistics. reports and trends within this industry.

This has not been the case here in the Croatian market so far. As a former charter employee, I know how difficult it can be to get all the relevant information, especially when it comes to tax and legislative guidelines. The development of digitization also provided more and more opportunities, but there was still almost nothing dedicated to the charter industry.

We always had to compare ourselves to the hotel sector, we had to depend on the choice of individual providers and apart from specialized fairs, there was no room to find a good choice of solutions. Therefore, I expect the charter industry to reap multiple benefits from this project, ” Cmelnik explained.

The Croatian platform is mainly aimed at nautical charter professionals, directors, managers, charter base agents and reservation services. It also connects all other services naturally based on this industry, and therefore represents an opportunity to connect companies that offer their products and services to charter companies.

“Basically, the Croatian platform is a place that advocates the digitization and optimization of the nautical charter. We plan to publish articles on various business topics, eBooks on industry trends and digital tools needed to automate and optimize business processes. We will do our best to conduct research to properly assess the needs of the industry and respond to them properly, ” the entrepreneur said.

The plan is for the Croatian platform to eventually become a membership platform where members will receive additional benefits such as legal, tax and accounting advice and services, but more content needs to be added. to reach this goal. Currently, the services web space is free until the end of the year, but it is planned to start with toll packages from January 2022 in order to perpetuate the portal.

“Right now, all companies that have something to offer charters and want to showcase their products or services can contact us and we’ll set up a page for them for free. We have agreed to cooperate with experts in insurance, finance, digital marketing and sales. They create content that is interesting and sought after by users. My goal is to make web content truly relevant and useful, ” Cmelnik concluded.

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