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Urges department head to guide Buhari, others with existing laws

Civil Society Groups for Good Governance (CSGGG) has warned the federal government about the opaque manner in which the current recruitment process for an Accountant General of the Federation (AGF) is taking place.

CSGGG Chairperson Comrade Ogakwu Dominic Ogakwu who gave the warning yesterday in Abuja at a global press conference has urged the Federation Service Chief to stand up to defend his oath of office and to ensure that the Civil Service Rule of Nigeria is strictly observed to the letter.

According to Ogakwu, observation has become imperative due to the critical role of the Accountant General in a nation at a crossroads like Nigeria, with myriad crippling challenges, the most important of which is the exhaustion and near-emptiness of the National Treasure.

Noting the impious exit of the ex-AGF who is on trial for financial embezzlement, the President insisted on the need for the Head of Service to invoke the powers of paragraph two of the Circulars of the Federal Establishment – ​​Ref. No. SGF.50/s.II/C.2/268, which states that “pending the appointment of an extra-ministerial head of department/director general/director general of parastatals, agencies, commissions and public enterprises; company, the outgoing general manager must pass the baton to the highest manager of the establishment, as long as the latter does not have an ongoing disciplinary file.

“Outgoing heads of extra-ministerial departments, parastatals, agencies, commissions and state-owned enterprises do not have discretion to choose the officer to whom they would hand over.”

Ogakwu continued, “I specifically call on the Chief of Service to stand up to defend his oath of office and ensure that our rule of public service is strictly adhered to to the letter.

“Therefore, is the reluctance of the Head of Service to interpret this paragraph in its context to be construed as a willful violation of the prevailing regulations of the Federal Republic of Nigeria? Your guess is as good as mine!

“In any case, our primary concern here is that this inaction, whether by commission or omission, has stirred the hornet’s nest, with infighting and division tearing Treasury staff apart. Public officials should otherwise channel their creative energies into better management of the nation’s finances, in order to get Nigeria out of the woods and breathe life into Nigerians!

“Even more puzzling is the fact that the current Head of Service has benefited from the rule in question, so Nigerians are now wondering whether the rule, which has benefited some public stewards, does not apply. to others? After all, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander?

“Furthermore, the CSGGG vehemently believes that in addition to the most senior director being denied the rights due to him for his diligent service to our country, it is also true that our nation is blindly deprived of the wealth of experience, which this person has accumulated over the years, with a view to saving the nation from the current financial challenges plaguing it.

“Therefore, to stop this unfortunate development and put the nation’s civil service back on the right track, the CSGGG hereby calls on President Muhammadu Buhari, the Chief of Service of the Federation, the Secretary of the Government of the Federation and all those charged with the sanctity of our public service system, to immediately do what is necessary and end this ungodly tendency to mock our public service and make Nigeria the laughingstock of the league of nations.


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