Deaconess looking to hire 1,200 new staff


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) – Deaconess Health System is looking to strengthen its healthcare team by hiring more than a thousand new staff.

That’s according to human resources manager Katie Burnett.

She says the health care system currently has about 1,200 job openings in all fields across all deaconess sites.

Burnett says those positions aren’t just doctors and nurses. She says many of the positions don’t require any prior medical experience or knowledge.

“We actually love hiring high school students,” says Burnett. “We like to hire people straight out of high school or straight out of college. You don’t need to have a healthcare background to be perfect for healthcare. If you like working with people, or even if you don’t like working with people, there are also many behind-the-scenes positions that offer great opportunities for people.

Burnett says many of these vacancies are courtesy of the expanding deaconess health system.

“A lot of positions are new positions that didn’t exist before,” says Burnett, “so there are new opportunities for people in the industry to really consider healthcare.”

She mentioned that some of the current openings are also the result of two difficult years in the coronavirus pandemic.

If you want to apply or find out more, Burnett says the best way to do so is to visit Deaconess website.

She says you can also call the human resources office at 812-450-2359.

Burnett says Deaconess also offers on-site training and tuition reimbursement for some positions.

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