Despite employee protests: Apple sticks to office demands instead of home office


Apple apparently does not respond to complaints from employees who oppose the return to the office scheduled for September and demand more flexibility in the choice of employment. It is believed that “personal collaboration is essential for the corporate culture and the future of Apple,” Deirdre O’Brien, head of human resources at Apple, said in an internal video, How The edge reported. The implementation of the products in the last year of home office has only been possible through years of working together on site, the senior official said.

In the video of the human resources manager, it was only said that requests for exclusive work at the home office would be decided “on a case-by-case basis” at the level of management advice. The edge a.

Apple is apparently sticking to the announced hybrid model, which stipulates that employees are back in the office at least three set days per week. The remaining two days can optionally also be spent at the home office. Some teams will obviously have to be on site four or five days a week in the future.

Video conferencing would have reduced the time distance from the home office, but there are “things you just can’t duplicate,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an internal memo in early June in which the return to the company’s facilities was announced. A longer home office phase should remain optional for up to two weeks per year – by appointment.

After the announcement, several Apple employees spoke out against the rigid hybrid model in an internal letter: the lack of flexibility comes at the expense of inclusiveness, and some colleagues have already resigned because of it. Without long commutes and distractions at the office, you could do a better job while taking care of yourself and your family.

No more Macs and me

No more Macs and me

Employees are asking for more flexibility in their choice of workplace, and teams must be able to decide for themselves. In the event of dismissal, Apple should check whether the office obligation played a role. The letter was created in an internal Slack channel with 2,800 participants and written together by around 80 employees, it was previously said. The number of Apple employees who support the cause remains uncertain.


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