Employee mental health, a key good HR strategy


VANCOUVER, BC, August 3, 2022 /CNW/ – The COVID-19 pandemic should serve as a wake-up call to Canadian business leaders that employee mental well-being is now a top priority for those seeking employment. A national study conducted by from Canada The leading human resources organization, Certified Human Resources Professionals Canada (CRHA Canada), found that future employees are likely to seek out companies that have put mental health at the forefront of their HR plans.

More than four in five respondents (85%) think employers should focus on implementing mental health programs in the workplace.

“The results of this study show that employees are much more aware of mental well-being than they were before the pandemic hit,” said Antoine Ariganello, CEO of CHRP Canada. “That means it’s something that should also be an important consideration for all managers and CEOs.”

The importance of having a good HR strategy in place, managed by trained HR professionals, was also a clear message given by the survey, which was carried out by Research Co. Of those who responded, the majority said that they would rather speak with a Human Resources Professional if they had a crisis or challenge at work than go to the owner or a senior manager or colleague. More than 70% of respondents said they have a positive opinion of human resources professionals, a figure surpassed only by doctors and accountants.

“It is not the case that HR professionals should only be employed by large-scale companies, and small and medium-sized companies should take this into account.” Said Ariganello. “Human resources are business resources – organizations can’t say their people are their most valuable resource, but they can’t ensure their needs and concerns are met, by having someone on dedicated to their well-being.”

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