Entrepreneurs: practical ways to beat stress as an entrepreneur

The journey of an entrepreneur is strewn with pitfalls and stress comes with it. Balancing multiple tasks and responsibilities, regularly managing crises and uncertainties is part of the daily work of an entrepreneur. In the face of danger or a problem, the human body creates a sensation to attract our attention and prompt us to act, which we call stress. In short busts this can be positive, but stress for prolonged periods can negatively affect our mental and physical well-being.

Entrepreneurs can always have something or the other, which goes against their wish, which is beyond their control, and therefore it can cause stress. Whether it’s a problem with financing, profitability or simply the projector stopping working during an important presentation. No matter how hard they try, their job will always create “stress-inducing situations” for them, and the only way to get out of it unscathed is to work on themselves. How is it going ? Subah Saraf and Harshvardhan Saraf believe that what they have been able to create at Satvic Movement can help entrepreneurs adopt a healthy lifestyle, so that stress does not impede their health, well-being or decision-making abilities. of decision.

The genesis

Satvic Movement is an online holistic health education platform, founded in August 2017 by Subah Saraf and Harshvardhan Saraf. The co-founders, who themselves struggled with chronic health issues and overcame them by following a sattvic lifestyle, applied their knowledge to launch this movement based on three pillars: holistic lifestyle, natural diet and daily yoga. Satvic means the mode of goodness. In the Bhagavad Gita we learn 3 modes/gunas – Satva, Rajas and Tamas. “Today most of our society operates between the modes of rajas (over-ambition and greed) and tamas (laziness and ignorance). The Satvic movement aims to spread Satva, the values ​​of goodness,” says Harshvardhan Saraf The founders believe that it is this Satvic quality in us that makes us happy, happy, fearless and compassionate.

Why is stress management an essential skill for entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs deal with stress in their daily lives. Apart from the things we manage in our day to day life like our family, relationships, finances, work, etc. entrepreneurs have to manage a business entity, its growth, sales, profits, employees and their welfare, etc. That’s a lot of responsibility for one person, and they don’t always have a team to do it for them, at least in the early days of their new business. Being affected by the stress of their love is something they should remove.

“Stress is an undesirable situation, and it’s unfortunate that most millennials today talk about managing stress. You don’t have to manage it. It’s like saying ‘depression management’ or ‘depression management. from an unhealthy diet. The aim should be to pursue a healthy and balanced lifestyle, which will ensure that our mind is strong enough not to be affected by stressors,” says Subah Saraf.

Harshvardhan Saraf and Subah Saraf, co-founders, Satvic Movement.

The answers

The founding duo offer some simple stress management tips and techniques for all entrepreneurs, current and future:

Make time for yourself

Contractors must set aside time each day to focus on their own construction. Their focus should be on the 3 Ms – movement for the physical body, meditation for spiritual peace, and mastery of skills and knowledge. They need to prepare in such a way that even if external stress comes their way, they are ready to handle it. The ideal time for such activities is in the morning.

Reduce stimulants

The modern urban lifestyle revolves around stimulants. They are available everywhere and in excess. Glorified by the media and popular culture, a large part of the population is addicted to stimulants: tea, coffee, nicotine, energy drinks. No wonder they are stressed! These are all too stimulating for our nervous system and over time their mind loses its own capacity and begins to depend on external stimulants for short term boosts. This makes them vulnerable to stress, which clearly shows that entrepreneurs should strive to reduce these stimulants from their lives.

Stick to a regular sleep and meal schedule

Erratic sleep cycles and erratic meal times are one of the main reasons for stress and anxiety. A disciplined personal routine is the essential basis for a stress-free life. Netflix and chill may sound cool, but their impact is definitely not cool. Lack of respect for regular meals and rest leads to burnout at an early age. Entrepreneurs remain stressed for such prolonged periods that they begin to normalize stress. On the contrary, if they normalize having a regular schedule, it reduces stress and gives them time to take care of themselves.

Avoid mindless social media scrolling

Mindless scrolling is constantly feeding our brains information that we compulsively consume, but the brain is still processing it and our emotions are still reacting. Avoiding this especially before going to bed, or the first thing after waking up, improves sleep quality and leaves them refreshed and ready to take on challenges with new vigor at the start of their day. If an entrepreneur spends more than 30 minutes on social networks every day, this should alert. If left unchecked, over time it is bound to reduce productivity and create unwanted stress.


Most of the stress comes when contractors spend most of their day doing last-minute rush jobs. Harshvardhan recommends planning for an entire week instead of making daily to-do lists. He pointed out: “It helps to do the most important things and to fight fires less every day. Not planning for the week ahead and showing up to the office without a clear plan is a surefire stress reliever for any entrepreneur,” he says.

How does a stress-free life benefit an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs don’t get bogged down in the ups and downs of life. Stress is a natural reaction of the body intended for their survival, and it remains so. A stress-free body is vibrant, full of life, and composed, unlike a stressed body that is always on edge. Thus, a stressed entrepreneur is more likely to make impulsive decisions and operate in a reactive mode, whereas an unstressed business owner makes better decisions. Fighting stress keeps them in a vicious loop because they keep making bad decisions which in turn keep adding more and more stress. The best advice for them is to take a step back, ease the stress, and resume with a stress-free, refreshed approach.


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