Fichap, the Argentinian human resources management startup arrives in Mexico


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The pandemic has put on the table the need to integrate technology to reduce costs and management times in companies, especially in the field of human resources, where perhaps many companies have not taken the initiative to digitize their processes.

Seeing this need and with an initial investment of 30,000 dollars, Lucas Mailland, together with Gonzalo Soaje, began developing in 2018 the startup Tarjetap, an application that helps organizations improve and optimize the productivity of their teams and which was born from the need of a company to be able to efficiently manage the work schedules of its employees, digitally, remotely and 100% in the cloud.

But even if Fichap was initially a time management tool, today it is a complete suite for the field of human capital with services and features such as: 100% digital employee file and in the cloud 24/7, digital pay receipt with electronic signature, shift management: create, modify and personalize employee shifts, shift control: record employee hours with facial recognition, licenses: assign and organize team licenses. Among many others.

After experiencing great success in Argentina, Fichap is opening markets in the region and wants to go further and for this Startup México, a leading Mexican organization in promoting innovation, entrepreneurial culture and economic development both at both locally and internationally. international market, welcomes them with open arms to help them integrate into the Mexican market thanks to the Soft Landing program.

This program aims to help Startups optimize their investment in order to successfully and quickly reach the Mexican market, by offering companies various services such as:

– Access to complete campuses.

– Development programs.

– National and international events.

– Network of world-class mentors.

– Bootcamps, workshops, conferences and diplomas.

– Contacts and links

– Cross landing.

– Economic support and investment funds.

In 2020, File competed representing Argentina in the Entrepreneurs World Cup in Saudi Arabia , reaching the final among the top 100 entrepreneurs out of more than 170,000 worldwide. This was announced by InfoNegocios media.

Fichap has a regional presence, with clients in Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia and Panama, among others; and plans to expand to Brazil, Europe and the United States.

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