Gambia: Dr Seedy Drammeh authors 11 other books


Renowned Gambian author, Dr. Seedy Drammeh has added new collections to his literary oeuvre with the launch of 11 more books.

Drammeh, who is also Deputy Director of Human Resources and Administrator at the Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA), launched his new books on Sunday at a ceremony held at the Ebujan Theatre.

During the ceremony, Dr. Drammeh said that his new books contain useful information that will greatly enhance the abilities of Gambians and non-Gambians alike.

“If there is one definition that we all follow; to define education in short, it will be the preparation of the mind and if one is able to prepare his mind through reading, then we have achieved our goal to promote education in our country. We believe that each of the books written is well organized and articulated, full of facts that can enhance the ability of any reader.” he said.

The author therefore appealed to all readers, especially young people, to get a copy of the book, adding that the books are approved for use in the country’s school system.

For his part, Michael Hamadi Secka, Curriculum Officer at the Directorate of the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education for the First Region, stressed the importance of having Gambian books in “our school system”.

Secka recalled that having “our books in schools would help motivate the younger generation to adapt to the culture of reading and writing, stressing that this in turn would help produce a better future for the next generation. “.

He described the simultaneous launch of all 11 books as historic and inspiring and that it shows “we are capable and capable”.

“Looking at these books, the majority are non-fiction and it shows how fundamental these books are.” he added.

The books, according to him, are approved by the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education through the Directorate of Curriculum, Research, Assessment and Development for use as supplementary material for secondary schools. colleges and higher education institutions.

The new books are titled; The plight of women in rural Gambia, Perspective on The New Gambia, Employee onboarding process and job seekers handbook, Meet me in Banjul, Office politics and how to survive it, Contribution of corporate governance, from Effective Leadership, Human Resource Management and Networking to People and Institution Advancement, Guide to a Better Working Relationship and Inspirational Quotes, Rethinking Irregular Migration, Strategies to Achieve Employee Engagement and Productivity , Taboos in the workplace and how to control them, and The influence of motivation on employee performance.


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