HCS appoints Alston as new director of employment | Education


Latoya Alston, Hardin County Schools Human Resources Specialist, has been named the new District Employment Director.

“I am grateful and truly honored to have this opportunity,” Alston said in a press release. “I enjoyed helping teachers and coaches across the district in my current role. I now look forward to helping our classified staff and helping them grow professionally.

The employment manager is responsible for human resources surveys, classified personnel hiring processes, employee retirement calculations, staff time and attendance management, classified employee recruitment, classified staffing and maintenance of employee salary schedules. The post also assists in the district payroll process.

“She has extensive experience in human resources and human resources management. She advances with every step she takes. That says a lot about his leadership and talents, ”HCS COO John Stith said in the statement. “She does a great job of building and nurturing relationships and truly has the best interests of our students and staff at heart.”

Prior to joining HCS, she spent eight years in various human resources roles within the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the Department of Community Based Services. She also worked for three years in human resources and finance for the head office of US Calvary Stores, Inc.

The statement said Alston received a bachelor’s and master’s degree in human resources leadership from Sullivan University. She is also a graduate of North Hardin High School.

“I have had a great transition into the world of education,” Alston said in the statement. “It is an honor to interact and build relationships with some of the best education leaders in the state. With proven leadership in staff roles, such as building manager and liaison in the Department of Community Services, I look forward to facilitating growth and look forward to seeing our district continue to thrive.


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