Human resource management is essential for effective healthcare in J&K


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Rapid resolution of department priority service issues

SRINAGAR: The government of Jammu and Kashmir, apart from building a robust health care delivery system, is also focusing on effective management of human resources, which is vital for effective health care to be delivered to the public through J&K.

During the period of the COVID-19 pandemic when everything came to a standstill in the country, it was the healthcare system and its dedicated staff and frontline workers who worked around the clock to provide all the possible assistance to patients affected by the virus. .

With the constant and dedicated duties during the pandemic, the morale of personnel like medical, paramedic, technical, ministerial and other allied support personnel needed to be boosted. Timely resolution of service issues for these employees with regards to career progressions/promotions, among others, was the need of the hour.

In this context, an underlying issue regarding the non-availability of updated Service Recruitment Rules of the J&K Health & Family Welfare Service (subordinate), which has prevented existing staff members from being promoted for more than 03 decades, has been resolved on an expedited basis.

This initiative paved the way for removing the stagnation of staff members (Ministerial/Paramedic) and also introduced a new set of academic and technical qualifications in the updated recruitment rules.

The updated strength of executives from existing employee categories along with newly created/upgraded positions will definitely be a step towards job creation as well as career progression for the entire workforce in service whose morale was low due to indefinite career progression in the old recruit. Rules.

With the publication of these rules, the Department of Health and Medical Education was able to eliminate the promotions of 1,093 positions of serving employees belonging to various categories in a record time of one month.

The process of conducting Departmental Promotion Committees (DPCs) for this purpose will continue until the backlog position is eliminated. In addition, regular CPDs are also conducted simultaneously in other subordinate wings of H&ME department, such as J&K UT government medical colleges, government dental colleges, and Ayush department.

The H&ME Department extends its best wishes to all those employees who have recently been promoted / regularized, including those whose cases are being considered by the Department on a priority basis to take up new positions with higher responsibilities and will ensure that the level of desired expectations are met with regard to the delivery of better health care services.


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