I don’t operate any recruiting agencies, says Naisara – FBC News


Former director of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, William Naisara, has come forward in a bid to clear his name, saying he does not run any overseas recruitment agencies.

This is after FBC News published a report about fourteen retired nurses tricked by an employment agent arranging for overseas employment, claiming the operation was run by Naisara.

These retired nurses revealed that the agent called them and used the name of Naisara and his position as legal director of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

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The agent contacted these retirees and asked them to send approximately $293 via M-PAiSA for visa processing.

Naisara reminds Fijians who are contacted by someone using his name to be careful and refrain from giving out personal information or money.

He says people who use this unscrupulous business venture must be held accountable and adds that he is not an employee of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

In the meantime, the Department of Employment has reported the matter to the police as it is a breach of Section 37 of the Employment Relations Act 2007.

Permanent Secretary Osea Cawaru said if the officer is found guilty, a fine not exceeding $20,000 or a four-year prison term or even both will be imposed.

Police confirmed that the Criminal Investigations Department is investigating the case.


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