Kansas Lateral Transfer / Condensed Academy Class in 2022


In late August, the Kansas Highway Patrol Command Staff announced that for the first time in the patrol’s 84-year history, a previously certified Kansas Lateral Transfer / Condensed Academy , Class # 63, will be held at the Kansas Highway Patrol Training Academy in Saline.

The Condensed Basic Recruiting Soldiers Academy will begin on April 24 and end on June 29, 2022. The class will provide Kansas CPOST certified officers qualified to apply for a soldier position. Qualified candidates who successfully complete the full soldier selection process will undergo a 10-week specialized basic training for recruits at the Kansas Highway Patrol Academy (KHPTA) in Salina before entering the next phase of field training with a field training officer assigned.

Qualified applications are now being accepted for Class # 63 for the purpose of allowing currently certified Kansas law enforcement officers to apply for examination at the former Kansas Patrol Certified Condensed Academy. To be eligible for the Condensed Academy class, applicants must be a certified Kansas law enforcement officer in good standing with KSCPOST and have at least three years of full-time law enforcement experience at the time of application. nomination.

Lt. Cory Beard, the agency’s recruiter, regularly works with KHP command staff, the agency’s public and government affairs unit, and the human resources department to research and identify new ways to attract from staff to the agency.

“By having this unique program opportunity, it allows us to reduce the length of the traditional academy due to the composition of previously experienced certified officers, so that we can put additional professionally trained soldiers on the road earlier,” Beard said.

The need for more soldiers on Kansas’ highways is a top priority for the KHP. Since the onset of COVID-19, the patrol has seen a 60% increase in citations for motorists driving above 100mph and a 40% increase for violations of more than 20mph above the speed limit .

The agency’s command staff and recruiters have worked diligently to recruit qualified staff for the agency. In doing so, they encountered obstacles related to the current national climate towards law enforcement officers, as well as the highly competitive environment among law enforcement agencies to attract a limited pool of candidates. qualified. The aim of the agency is to educate the public about the challenges the agency faces in recruiting and to actively try innovative and reliable ways to recruit qualified staff.

Law enforcement agencies nationwide are struggling to recruit and hire sworn and non-sworn civilian employees. The difficulty in recruiting law enforcement officers is not due to a cause, but to multiple social, political and economic factors at play. In a survey conducted by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) , 78% of agencies said they had difficulty recruiting qualified candidates while 50% of agencies said they needed to change their policies to increase their chances of recruiting qualified candidates.

Command staff and recruiters worked with HR to successfully create a more streamlined application and hiring process to be more efficient and responsive to applicants.

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