Living Security Launches New Human Risk Management Platform with Unify Insights


Security managers can now observe behaviors within their organization, identify risk trends, and deploy role-based programs to reduce threats.

AUSTIN, TX, June 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Living Security, the leader in human risk management, today announced the launch of Unify information, a leading solution to help companies identify risks and human behavior trends within their organizations to reduce cybersecurity threats. Unify Insights gives security managers the ability to observe employee behaviors over time, identify those that pose the greatest risk, and take targeted action to address those threats, while being able to Quickly measure and report changes in risk with other executives in the organization. and with the Council.

“Quantifying the human risk and then taking a new approach to engaging your team members is key to solving cybersecurity challenges,” said Ashley Rose, CEO and co-founder of Living Security. “This solution gives security managers the visibility they need to identify, respond to, and report risks caused by human behavior while engaging every employee with innovative and relevant content to directly impact their security posture. “

Unify Insights includes a single location to see how technology and human behavior impact security measures, and what your team is doing or not doing to respond to cyber threats.

The main benefits of the program include:

  • Risk metrics and analytics that shed light on the risk that employees bring to an organization with their daily behaviors.
  • Data to empower security leaders in conversations with the rest of the organization and team leaders to better change employee behavior.
  • Meaningful reports to measure human risk and behavioral trends across the organization, take action against riskiest behaviors, and reward the most vigilant.
  • Easy integration with existing secure messaging products, security suites, open source intelligence (OSINT), learning management systems (LMS), phishing simulation products, and human resource systems.
  • Tailored action plans to address trends and risks within specific groups. Additional programs that can be deployed to address risks include: priority routing to high-risk groups, targeted awareness training campaigns, targeted phishing simulations.

“Living Security is now one of the only security teams to provide metrics that allow teams and entire organizations to understand their security postures and where they can improve to mitigate risk and stop attacks before they happen. they don’t happen,” said Drawn RoseCSO and co-founder of Living Security.”

Unify Insights, combined with Living Security’s industry-leading training, teams, and phishing, provides security teams with a comprehensive suite of features to fully implement human risk management within their organizations.

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Living Security’s mission is to transform human risk to drive dramatic improvement in human behaviors, organizational security culture, and infosec program effectiveness. Through our human risk management platform, Living Security engages every employee with innovative and relevant context and content, while simultaneously empowering management to directly identify, report and mitigate risks induced by human behavior . Living Security is trusted by security-conscious organizations like MasterCard, Verizon, MassMutual, Biogen, AmerisourceBergen, Hewlett Packard, and Target. Learn more about

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