Morning man’s message: the office boy


An unemployed person applied at a large company for the position of Office Boy. For her test, they made her clean a desk, mop the toilet, brew tea, and run an errand. He passed with flying colors.

“You are hired”, announces the HRD to him at the end of the process. “Now just submit your certificate to my office and you can start on Monday.”

“But I don’t have a diploma,” said the alarmed young man.

“Really? How do you get a job in an office like this without a degree? I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to withdraw the offer.”

Disappointed, the young man left for the street, with only ten pounds in his pocket. On a whim, he went to the market, bought a £ 10 crate of tomatoes and door-to-door in the community, selling them at a mark-up. By the end of the day, he had converted his ten pounds into twenty.

The next day he repeated the process. And then the next one, And the next day. After a week he had a hundred dollars. He started going to the market earlier and selling more tomatoes each day than the last. Soon he bought a wheelbarrow, later he bought a truck, and soon after he had a fleet of delivery vehicles.

Five years later, the man owned the largest food distribution company in the region. He was a pillar of society, a philanthropist, and a supporter of many worthy causes.

The local newspaper decided to write an article about him. The reporter came to his office for the interview. After a long conversation covering all of his triumphs over adversity, the duly impressed reporter then asked him which university he was attending.

“I don’t have a degree,” the man said shamelessly.

“Wow,” exclaimed the wide-eyed reporter. “Can you imagine what you would have achieved if you had graduated? “

The man smiled at the reporter and said, “Yes. I would be an Office Boy ”.

Three lessons to be learned, my friends: First, when a door closes, keep knocking until another opens.

Second, when you start something, stick to it. Progress can be slow and overwhelming. The journey to success is not like the trip of an airplane around the world. It’s more like the earth’s journey around the sun.

And finally, when people put obstacles in your way to make you last in a category, create your own category and be the first.

My name is Kojo Yankson and I know you are qualified for success. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not.


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