New Cuso International project prioritizes support for vulnerable youth and women in the Democratic Republic of Congo


OTTAWA (ON), May 25, 2022 /CNW/ – Cuso International, with its partners, is embarking on a vast project in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) which will provide significant support to vulnerable youth and help create more inclusive and equitable economic growth.

New Cuso International project prioritizes support for vulnerable youth and women in the Democratic Republic of Congo (CNW Group/Cuso International)

Funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), the Talents Pluriels project will address the many challenges and inequalities faced by young women and other vulnerable groups. This is done by focusing on creating economic opportunities, improving safe, inclusive and gender-sensitive work environments, and raising community awareness of the situation of marginalized communities and social inclusion in cities of Bukavu, Kinshasaand Lubumbashi.

“This multi-faceted project will provide critical support to marginalized populations and address the discrimination they routinely face,” said Nicolas Moyer, CEO, Cuso International. “We are grateful to Sida and GAC for their significant contributions to this project and we are excited to move forward with the activities that will have a significant impact on the livelihoods and future prospects of thousands of young people in ground floor.”

Over four years, more than 4,000 young entrepreneurs will participate in the project and 6,000 young people will have access to a digital e-learning platform, which will contain training materials and other resources, including courses delivered through partnerships with educational institutions.

More than 600 of these marginalized young people will be accompanied by 30 African business mentors, and 2,000 young people will be accompanied in their job search or internship. Twenty companies will also receive support to develop or strengthen their human resources policies so that they are more inclusive, safe and gender-sensitive, and 800 staff members of these companies will be sensitized on gender equality and inclusion issues. social.

“We are proud to support the ability of young people and their access to real jobs, as well as to help companies use diversity as an advantage in their operations. This project can spearhead sustainable business models in the DRC. Henric Råsbrant Ambassador of Sweden to DRC

Through the project, 1,200 community members and 700 family members will share their views, assumptions and experiences about gender identities and sexual orientations in a safe setting to develop support networks for vulnerable young people.

Canada is committed to building a better world where women, girls and marginalized communities are empowered to reach their full potential. Benoit-Pierre Laramée, Ambassador of Canada to the DRC

Cuso will work alongside established Congolese organizations to implement the project, including Jeunialissime, an LGBTQ2I organization, Si Jeunesse Savoir, a feminist organization, and SODEICO, a company specializing in human resource management.

Project activities will be launched at the end of May, and coworking spaces and training for young entrepreneurs and job seekers will start soon after.

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