New “Steady State” COVID-19 Protocol


Dear campus community,

Governor Spencer Cox announced that Utah would transition to what is called a “Steady state” end of March. This transition has now begun and will impact UVU in the following ways.


COVID-19 vaccines will be available at UVU, including the second booster for those who meet the Criteria, until May 5 or while supplies last. Vaccination remains the surest way to protect yourself and others against disease, and we continue to encourage everyone to get fully vaccinated. Although the state will no longer provide vaccines, they will still be available from health care providers.


The last day for drive-through testing is Friday, April 15. The last day for testing at the current UVU clinic is May 5. After that, students, faculty and staff can get free home test kits from the Office of Human Resources, Student Health Services or Campus Connection. Test kits will be available throughout the summer semester. UVU will not track home test kit results or provide contact tracing. Current contact tracing will also end on May 5.

The governor acknowledges that this is not the “end” of the pandemic. If we see a further surge, teams and contracts will remain in place to allow for a rapid ramp-up if needed.

We are pleased that the key measures are moving in the right direction. Vaccines are widely available, treatments are more accessible, and testing can now be done at home. Nevertheless, we ask you to remain vigilant. If you are sick, stay home, get tested for COVID-19, and do not return to campus until you are well.

Thank you for your efforts to protect our community and for the support you have shown each other over the past two years of the pandemic.


Robin Ebmeyer
Director of Emergency Management and Security


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