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Through her partnership skills, field expertise and professionalism, Cindy Ratliff, then Deputy Director of Human Resources (HR) for the Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division (NSWC PCD), demonstrated a commitment to leadership and was awarded the Department of Naval Civil Service. Medal of Honor, July 8.

Ratliff personified service by going beyond the scope of his primary position to implement solutions to advance the mission of Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA). From May 2020 to 2022, she served as the Total Force Mission Area (TFMA) Activity Planning Strategic Response Area Manager at NAVSEA Headquarters and explained the impact of that experience. on her.

“Receiving this medal was truly a humbling experience and I’m extremely honored to have worked with the amazing people on the TFMA team,” Ratliff said. “I also felt an immense sense of gratitude to those within the PCD leadership of NSWC who encouraged me to apply for the [TFMA] opportunity and, above all, supported me during the two-year rotation.

Ratliff said her motivation was the mission and the people she worked with and for every day. For her mentors, leaders, managers, supervisors and those she led, she wanted to make sure she didn’t let anyone down at NSWC PCD or the TFMA team.

“Cindy was a very deserving recipient, a pleasure to work with and should be held up as an example to others,” said Cindy Corbin, Principal Integrator, NAVSEA TFMA. “She inspired everyone on the TFMA program with her enthusiasm, positive attitude and willingness to donate her valuable time and expertise. She helped collaborate across organizational boundaries on projects that made a real difference in NAVSEA’s ability to make continuous improvements in human capital management and better deliver capabilities to the fleet.

Ratliff’s impact didn’t end there as she also led the Capability Health Assessment initiative which provided enhanced organizational planning capabilities to the company’s organizational business units. She also served as the Warfare Center’s Community of Interest Lead for Workforce Development, which helped create an environment to increase knowledge sharing, improve efficiency and problem solving while fulfilling her usual responsibilities as Deputy Director of Human Resources of NSWC PCD. Among his many accomplishments, Ratliff shared what made him most proud.

“I’m especially proud of the teams I’ve led here, especially the Workforce Development and Policy, Planning and Analysis teams. On a daily basis, these teams demonstrate flexibility, resilience and innovation in the execution of their mission,” said Ratliff. “The Workforce Development team is a group of highly talented and dedicated individuals who bring everything they have to NSWC PCD in ensuring the workforce has the knowledge and skills necessary to complete the mission. The Policy, Planning and Analysis team has just begun its journey. Their mission is to provide the data that informs senior management’s strategic decisions and to be at the forefront of implementing policies and programs that support NSWC’s PCD workforce. They are a new team that individually are super stars and together they are unstoppable.

Recently departed from the NSWC PCD, Ratliff continues her service as Deputy Director of Human Resource Services for the Defense Logistics Agency, Department of Defense customers, and continues to motivate.

“I encourage [you] look for ways to contribute and “outdo yourself” beyond what you see in front of you each day. Maybe consider a rotational assignment with a team looking for talented people willing to go the extra mile for the assignment,” Ratliff said. “Make sure you focus on your main job and work passions every day. Find the fun stuff and keep doing your best.


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