Office for Human Life revamps its website with links to information and resources


It’s been three weeks since the United States Supreme Court released its landmark decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization reversing Roe v. Wade, almost 50 years old, which stipulated that women had the right to an abortion.

With abortion policy decisions made in each state, Ohio is among those that have passed legislation with strict regulations banning procedures after six weeks of pregnancy.

“We have been praying for this day for almost 50 years. Our brothers and sisters across the diocese will praise God for this positive outlook on life,” said Mary Von Carlowitz, director of the Cleveland Diocese Office for Human Life. “We’ve waited so long and had a lot of pain along the way.”

Following the SCOTUS ruling, von Carlowitz said her office is working to improve access to information and resources to help women facing a planned pregnancy.

“We have traveled with pregnant women and post-abortion mothers and we will continue to do so. Now comes our finest hour. Looking ahead, we look forward to this moment of justice as we look to the future and our continued commitment to upholding the dignity and sanctity of life at every stage. We have been here from the beginning and will continue to stand with mothers in need,” she said.

“The Office for Human Life educates and inspires people throughout the diocese to be stewards of the gift of life God has given us. Through prayer, education and pastoral care, we maintain and promote the consistent ethic of life from conception to natural death. This ethic of life is the thread that unites all efforts to uphold the dignity of life in all states of existence,” von Carlowitz added.

On the newly revamped website, visitors will find a QR code for immediate access to pregnancy resources as well as a phone number – 800-712-4357 – to connect them with an opt-in line. In addition, there is information on how to follow the office on Facebook and the Pregnancy Crisis Hotline, 216-902-1303, which offers practical pregnancy and parenting support. Any woman experiencing feelings of crisis or unexpected pregnancy is encouraged to call and those who know a woman in this situation are asked to pass on the number.

There is also a number for those suffering after an abortion: 216-696-6525, Ext. 2339.

Links to resources for mothers in need and for women suffering after an abortion are also featured on the newly redesigned website.

“We know the fight is not over. As we look to the future, we want to ensure that our parish communities are places of welcome for all mothers in need and that we are instruments of unwavering hope, mercy, love and compassion. for all women,” added Von Carlowitz, reaffirming her office’s commitment. ministry to continue to walk with all women struggling with the decision of pregnancy or abortion, after childbirth and after abortion.

“We are here to help you,” she said.

Von Carlowitz said information about the office’s resources will be disseminated widely in the coming weeks to ensure those in need are aware of assistance.


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