Recruitment specialist job – MECKLENBURG EMS AGENCY


The Recruitment Specialist will be the first point of contact for candidates and hiring managers, responsible for the coordination and administration of open positions, from creation to orientation. This position will strategically market, brand and build relationships to expand the candidate pool and source candidates. Provide effective, efficient, professional and comprehensive customer service to ensure the best possible candidates are recruited and retained in the shortest possible time. Ensures prompt processing of candidates throughout the recruiting, hiring and onboarding phases.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Initiate, develop and maintain successful relationships with recruiting sources, including but not limited to recruitment agencies, regulatory, professional, educational and community organizations, recognizing each business-related function as a recruitment opportunity. This includes strategies to increase workforce diversity through these various channels.
  • Identify and implement efficient and effective recruitment strategies based on industry standards, organizational plans and objectives, and overall organizational needs.
  • Conducts outreach activities, attends and participates in strategic recruiting sessions, fairs and related platforms while keeping up to date with job boards, social media and talent pipelines. Requires providing information about the Agency, discussing expectations and qualifications, and making meaningful introductions.
  • Actively perform community outreach and brand recognition activities to promote the career path and recognition of Agency opportunities.
  • Source active and passive candidates to fill agency vacancies and develop the pipeline in conjunction with public relations, using approved marketing channels including but not limited to advertising, social media and communication campaigns.
  • Oversee the candidate recruitment process on a day-to-day basis to ensure that the Recruitment Assistant satisfies candidates for screening, communicating with candidates and scheduling them with a particular focus on filling and coordinating job centers EMT/P assessment. Administer the applicant tracking system as a whole.
  • Proactively assist hiring managers with all aspects of the recruiting process, including orientation, coordination, legal requirements, candidate screening and referrals.
  • Develop, analyze and report on metrics that measure performance to include diversity sourcing, hiring and retention from various channels.
  • Understand all facets of compensation to enable clear and comprehensive communication with candidates and hiring managers; must calculate compensation accurately and make competitive job offers.
  • Develop and administer initiatives related to the growing diversity of candidates, applicants and hires.
  • Ensure recruitment processes are legal, fair and consistent by meeting all regulatory requirements.
  • Actively participate in Agency committees, work teams and task forces as required to include Improvement Project Leader or Team Member responsibilities.
  • Recognize the role within the HR team, provide and offer support to the department as needed.
  • Any additional duties and responsibilities assigned.


  • Four-year college or university degree or equivalent years of work experience in human resources or as a paramedic.
  • First experience in recruitment appreciated.
  • Human resources certification or paramedic certification preferred

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