Sage and Microsoft extend their partnership to simplify workflows


ATLANTA, July 20. 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, Sage, the leader in accounting, finance, HR and payroll technology for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), announced an expanded partnership with Microsoft. The news includes plans to integrate Microsoft Business products, including Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, as integrated services into Sage products and the Sage digital network.

“SMBs are increasingly digital businesses, but connecting the tools they use can be a barrier to their success,” said Steve Hare, CEO of Sage. The general problem they face is connecting the tools to run their business in an easy and productive way. Microsoft products have long been the collaboration tool of choice, with Sage powering the back office. Through our expanded partnership, we will make life easier for millions of SMEs, removing friction and helping them realize real productivity gains. »

As SMBs navigate a digital world, businesses increasingly rely on the flexibility and productivity gains that the cloud provides. The partnership helps Sage provide customers with a choice of cloud platform, as well as the ability to collaborate and communicate where work happens, helping business happen while making it easier for them to do business.

In July, Sage released its first early release of Sage Active with select customers. Sage Active is a new integrated, easy-to-configure business management solution based on Microsoft Azure. Available first to customers in France, then in Spain and Germany, this new cloud-native solution is purpose-built to help SMBs manage compliance and operations, while delivering the benefits of Azure.

“SMBs play a vital role in our global economy,” said Scott Guthrie, executive vice president, Cloud + AI, Microsoft. “By combining the financial expertise of Sage with the power of the Microsoft Cloud, our partnership will provide reliable, secure and scalable solutions that will enable millions of SMBs around the world to be more productive, reduce costs and grow their businesses. activities.

The expanded partnership will provide:

Simplification – With Sage as the system of record for everything from finance, people and payroll, and Microsoft 365 as the de facto choice for millions of businesses around the world, integration between the two platforms is now essential for SMEs today. Linking the communication and collaboration tools available in Microsoft 365 with back-office functions such as accounting will simplify workflows and reduce manual processes, saving businesses time.

Improved reliability – Leveraging Sage products on Azure, the partnership will provide customers with improved reliability, security, performance and scalability, enabling end users to access virtual apps and desktops, Microsoft OneDrive and SaaS apps on their devices with single sign-on (SSO), all as part of their Sage membership.

Productivity – Together, Sage and Microsoft will deliver streamlined digital work experiences with exceptional performance and reliability to help SMBs be more productive and businesses more agile. As data becomes a more strategic asset for organizations, the ability to upload and download between Microsoft Excel and Sage will improve workflows, governance and security.

“The need for more business flexibility and resilience has never been greater. Together, Sage and its partners are helping to accelerate the transformation of customers’ businesses into smart, fluid organizations that run confidently in the cloud,” said Stacy Schuettler, president of LBMC Technology Solutions. “Sage has been at the forefront of business support for 40 years – we are excited about the new horizons this partnership offers and the opportunities it will provide our customers to be more productive and simplify their operations.”

Sage’s partnership with Microsoft also reflects the two companies’ aligned sustainability goals. Our common goal is to promote sustainable development and low-carbon business practices globally through our sustainable business practices and cloud-based technologies.

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