Shohei Ohtani breaks Hideki Matsui’s record, the two DH pay tribute to him


Current LA Angels DH Shohei Ohtani hit his league-leading 32nd home run on Wednesday.

The home run broke the record for most home runs in an MLB season by a player of Japanese descent, held by former LA Angels DH, Hideki matsui.

Yes, he broke the record in just his 81st game of the season. He still has half a season to continue beating circuits.

Hideki Matsui was quick to recognize what LA Angels superstar slugger Shohei Ohtani has accomplished.

Shohei Ohtani is a huge fan of former LA Angels Designated Hitter Hideki Matsui. Here’s what Matsui had to say about Ohtani breaking his record.

Matsui is a class act. He supports the Angels, he supports Ohtani and he supports the best thing that has happened in baseball this year.

Ohtani also had a lot to say about his admiration for Matsui.

It is certainly quite an honor. Matsui was quite a puncher himself, making the all-star team twice and winning a World Series MVP for his efforts in the New York Yankees World Series championship in 2009. He was very impressive offensively and could also fight in the field. the outer field.

He set the record that Ohtani just broke in 2004 with his 31 home runs. He used to hit every pitcher he faced. Check out how he did the first Pedro in that 2004 season:

The craziest part about it was what happened before the circuit in Ohtani’s at-bat.

Ohtani was beaten in AB, and always found a way to go to the yard. He’s the kind of player he is. The current MVP AL has greatest season in MLB history.

The best part about seasons like these are the moments like this that take place along the way.


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