Tech companies that opened the year with a contribution to the community


The Jewish New Year and the holiday season are a time of reflection, forgiveness and hope. We enter the new year reflecting on what we could have done better in the past, with the aspiration to do better in the year to come. Such aspirations also come from the high-tech scene. In addition to company-wide gift certificates and toasts honoring the holiday season, many startups have taken advantage of this time to do mitzvot (the Jewish word for good deeds) by giving back to the community.


Trullion is a financial automation platform that takes unstructured data such as PDF files and translates it into real-time financial images, including lease accounting and revenue recognition. The company creates real-time visibility into corporate finances by digitizing a previously manual and costly process. Trillion’s AI-powered platform automates critical accounting workflows, delivers real-time reporting and insights, and drives new levels of collaboration for finance executives. Trullion is backed by Aleph, Third Point, Greycroft, leading CFOs and CAOs around the world, with a client base that includes global multinational brands and leading audit firms.

Trullion employees volunteered at the Jaffa Institute ahead of the holidays, packing and distributing boxes of food to families in need. By participating in this initiative, Trullion employees play a small role in helping these families make the most of the holidays. It is during these days that they have the chance to become more aware of the needs, thoughts and feelings of others. As Trullion HR Manager Ganit Dekel said, “One of our core values ​​is ‘on your side.’ individuals and as a team.”

Credit: Eyal Toueg

The company was founded by Isaac Heller (CEO) and Amir Boldo (VP of Technology) in 2019. To date, they have raised $18.5 million, with offices in Tel Aviv and Dallas.


Cloudinary’s mission is to empower businesses to deliver visual experiences that inspire and connect by unlocking the full potential of their media. With over $50 billion in assets under management and 9,000 customers worldwide, Cloudinary is the industry standard for developers, creators, and marketers looking to upload, store, transform, manage, and stream pictures and videos online.

At Cloudinary, there is a tradition that the company organizes a memorable evening for Holocaust survivors in cooperation with the The Tet organization. Cloudy and The Tet employees organize an evening where survivors can enjoy a social gathering that includes a festive meal, activities and the distribution of holiday gifts.

Cloudy and The Tet attendees. Credit: Keren Ben Yishay

Cloudinary was founded in 2012 by Itai Lahan (CEO), Nadav Soferman (CPO) and Tal Lev-Ami (CTO). The company says it has more than $50 billion in assets under management and nearly 10,000 customers worldwide, including brands like Atlassian, Bleacher Report, Bombas, Grubhub, Hinge, NBC, Mediavine, Minted, Peloton and Petco. Recently, Cloudinary received a secondary investment from funds managed by Blackstone Growth (BXG) reaching a sum of $110 million for a company valuation of $2 billion.


AccessiBe develops various technologies to make websites accessible to people with disabilities. AccessiBe provides different AI-powered solutions to test and fix web accessibility, as well as various professional services aimed at creating an inclusive web and helping businesses comply with web accessibility standards and regulations.

AccessiBe will participate and volunteer in the Torch Run in Tel Aviv on behalf of Special Olympics visitors (Special Olympics Israel is a social change organization to increase potential, overcome discrimination and empower people with cognitive disabilities). Several AccessiBe employees will be dispatched to help with the race by accompanying and guiding athletes with disabilities, which will take place on October 23, as the holiday season draws to a close.

AccessiBe to the Special Olympics

Dekel Skoop, co-CEO and co-founder of accessiBe: “At accessiBe, we have made volunteering one of our top priorities. Our employees, including managers, are engaged in volunteer work several times throughout the year. Collaborating with various non-profit organizations is an opportunity for our employees and our organization to give back to society, which is at the heart of our values.

AccessiBe was founded in 2018 by Dekel Skoop (co-CEO), Gal Vizel (CRO) and Shir Ekerling (co-CEO). Today it employs around 140 people after rapid growth last year. Its offices are in Tel Aviv and New York. AccessiBe has raised a total of $58 million to date.


Chegg operates a direct-to-student learning platform that helps students kick-start their academic journey and further their careers with products and services to support them and help them better understand their course materials. As the leading student-focused connected learning platform, Chegg’s Student Hub makes higher education more affordable and accessible while improving student outcomes.

On the occasion of the end-of-year celebrations, the company initiated a day of volunteering in which all the company’s employees, throughout the world, took part. In the Israeli office, they chose to volunteer in three associations in Israel; some volunteered at a center for the elderly where they led a public singing activity, some helped with the activities of a food-packing association for the needy, and some did gardening for a people’s association mental disabilities.

Chegg Holiday Volunteering. Credit: Chegg PR

Chegg Inc., founded in 2005, is one of the best-known companies in American academia. The company develops various learning solutions for students across the United States, and its products are used by approximately 4 million American students. Chegg is listed on the NYSE with a market capitalization of over $9 billion and employs around 1,500 people. Its headquarters are in Santa Clara, California, with additional offices in San Francisco, New York, and Portland, as well as India and Israel.

Shlomit Goldberg, HR Operations, Chegg: “Last week we had the privilege and joy of stepping out of the office (including the virtual office) for a few hours to volunteer at 3 different nonprofit organizations. is an important part of who we are at Chegg – part of the community around us. It was a fun and meaningful experience for all of us.”

CMS Sports

Using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, WSC Sports’ platform analyzes live sports broadcasts, identifies every event that occurs in a game, and creates and publishes personalized short videos in real time. This allows sports media rights holders to maximize the use of their content, creating new revenue streams and a personalized fan experience on every platform for every type of fan. WSC Sports’ proprietary AI technology platform automates the creation and distribution of highlights for over 200 leagues and broadcast partners around the world, including NBA, NHL, ESPN, YouTube TV, Bundesliga , FIBA, Tencent and Bleacher Report.

The startup’s employees go out during the holidays to volunteer at Collect Israel, packing food baskets for families in need.

Credit: TREND54

WSC Sport was founded by Aviv Arnon (VP of Business Development), Daniel Shichman (CEO), Hy Gal (COO) and Shmulik Yoffe (CRO) in 2011. WSC plans to recruit over 150 new employees this year to join a team . which already includes 270 people based in offices in Israel, New York, Sydney and London. To date, WSC Sports has raised $136 million.


Appsflyer has developed a SaaS mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform. One of the largest mobile attribution and mobile analytics companies for marketers, AppsFlyer helps businesses get the most out of their marketing budgets.

AppsFlyer promotes gender equality and reduces education and employment gaps by connecting our employees to the communities where we operate. This holiday season, when the needs of families living in distress are growing, the company has volunteered to ensure food security for families and to help individuals and seniors celebrate the Jewish New Year with dignity. , by initiating various activities. This week, more than 200 employees volunteered to pack food baskets and donate to nonprofits across the country. As Shelly Luftig, CSR Coordinator at AppsFlyer said, “It’s a privilege to work for a company whose core values ​​contribute to and engage the community.”

Credit: PR

AppsFlyer was founded in 2011 by Oren Kaniel (CEO) and Reshef Mann (CTO). The company, which has raised about $300 million to date and was valued at $2 billion in its last funding round last year, has annual recurring revenue of several hundred million dollars. The company has 1,000 employees in Israel and 18 other offices around the world.


Sentra is a cloud data security platform that helps organizations discover and remediate top data security risks in their public cloud.

Sentra has volunteered this festive season, helping to renovate the Elem Migdalor Center which operates in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Welfare for at-risk youth in Kiryat Malachi. After discovering the Elem organization in Tel Aviv, Sentra decided to come to Kiryat Malachi ahead of the Rosh Hashana holiday to help brighten up the space with a fresh coat of paint.

“A big thank you to Sentra employees who came to the Elem Center in Kiryat Malachi to support our work,” said Center Manager Netti Carel, “Elem Youth Centers serve as a second home – and sometimes first home – for children and teens with difficult childhoods, and we are able to provide them with a warm and caring environment that they might not always have at home. Sentra employees have made the center more welcoming and “ friendly” for the young people we serve.

Credit: PR

Sentra was founded in 2021 by Asaf Kochan (Chairman), Yoav Regev (CEO), Ron Reiter (CTO) and Yair Cohen (VP of Product). The company came out stealth in 2022 and has raised $23 million in seed funding to date. They are currently co-headquartered in New York and Tel Aviv.


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