The 10 Best ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Guest Stars, Ranked


It’s been three years since the last episode of The Big Bang Theory aired, but its popularity did not wane. With constant TV reruns and new life on streaming services, Pasadena’s favorite scientists and waitresses are never far from out of reach. The adventures of Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj and Penny never fail to be laughable, goofy and geeky good.

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As one of the most successful sitcoms of all time, big Bang got some pretty high-profile guest stars throughout the series. These stars wowed us with their comedic chops, featuring star wars actors, superhero icons and Oscar winners, and were an absolute pleasure to see with these beloved characters.

10) Billy Bob Thorton

Hollywood heavyweight Billy Bob Thorton plays Dr. Oliver Lorvis, a pharmaceutical customer at Penny’s, in an episode of the show’s eighth season. After a misunderstanding, Dr. Lorvis hopes to initiate a romantic relationship with Penny but bonds with the guys instead.

Thornton is hilarious as a creepy, socially clueless doctor, bringing out all sorts of grimaces as he hopefully pursues a romantic relationship with all the women who are nice to him. As a famous urologist, he also earns the trust of the gang by showing them strange memories, including james cameronkidney stones.


9) Steve Wozniak

Co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak made a brief appearance as himself in the show’s fourth season. When Sheldon (Jim Parson) finds that he won’t live long enough to transfer his consciousness into a robot, he tries to increase his lifespan and creates a mobile virtual presence device.

While controlling the device from his bedroom, he comes across Wozniak at the Cheesecake Factory. Wozniak says he would sign Sheldon’s computer if he was there in person, so Sheldon rushes to meet him but gets hurt. It’s a fun cameo, especially when after meeting Wozniak just says “Nerds.”

8) Regina King

The all-rounder Regina King plays Janine Davis, the university’s human resources administrator, who appears in other later episodes. Due to her position, she is forced to confront the gang and their shenanigans on several occasions, especially Sheldon.

King manages to keep her calm and provide perfect comedic timing during her scenes, especially those alongside Jim Parsons. Sheldon is sent to Human Resources more than once, and his lack of social and cultural awareness creates some jaw-dropping but hilarious moments with Davis.

7) Mark Hamill

Luke Skywalker himself, Marc Hamil, appeared in the show’s eleventh-season finale, playing a real-life version of himself. When Howard (Simon Helberg) reunites with his dog, Bark Hamill, the actor offers a favor and agrees to officiate Sheldon and Amy’s wedding as a surprise guest.

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It’s a real treat to finally see the guys meet and interact with their hero from their favorite movie franchise. Let him take star wars questions from wedding guests or down because of Sheldon and Amy (Maim Bialik) sincere wishes, it’s a spectacularly corny experience.

6) Adam West

the original Batman television actor Adam West appeared as himself in the series’ 200th episode during season nine. As a child, Sheldon’s sister lied that Batman would attend her birthday party, but he never showed up. The gang arrange for West to attend Sheldon’s birthday party to cheer him up.

West has some good banter with the characters, especially in a scene where Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Howard and Raj (Kunal Nayyar) pick it up and drive it to Sheldon’s party. The group argues and ranks their favorite Batman actors, and when Ben Affleck is mentioned, West says, “What’s an Affleck?”

5) Carrie Fisher

Some actors from star wars appeared as guest stars on The Big Bang Theoryand one of them was the legendary Carrie Fisher. In a season seven episode, Sheldon spends an evening with another star wars actor, James Earl Joneswho rings the doorbell and runs away.

Fisher was a notoriously funny woman, shown here as she steps out in her nightgown, brandishing a baseball bat and ready to defeat Darth Vader himself. It’s a very brief appearance but one of the most memorable in the series.

4) Stan Lee

marvel icon Stan Lee appeared as himself in an episode of the show’s third season. When Sheldon misses attending a comic book signing and meeting Lee, Penny tries to arrange another way for them to meet, as Sheldon had to go to court because of her.

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Penny takes Sheldon to Lee’s, where he answers the door in a Fantastic Four robe. It’s an epic and incredibly hilarious appearance when Lee sarcastically asks Sheldon to come watch the Lakers game, which Sheldon does. The result? A good old restraining order.

3)Stephen Hawking

The brilliant and inspiring stephen hawking, who is one of Sheldon’s science heroes, actually starred in a few episodes of the show. The first and biggest was in season five, where he worked with Howard, and Sheldon got to meet him doing unfavorable tasks for Howard.

Hawking has featured in other episodes of the show via voiceover and Skype appearances. The scientist had a big screen presence and even sass – like when Sheldon passes out after meeting him and Hawking, obviously overdramatic people, says, “Great, another weaker one.”

2) James Earl Jones

James Earl Jones — or “Darth Vader and the Father of The Lion King” — provides perhaps the craziest and most delightful guest appearance on the show. In season seven, Sheldon attempts to start his own convention after missing tickets to Comic-Con and meeting Earl Jones.

Sheldon and the actor immediately hit it off and had an evening that was perhaps a little too intimate for Sheldon’s liking. Whether it’s sharing a sundae, having karaoke, cracking Carrie Fisher jokes, riding a Ferris wheel, or warming up in a sauna, we never thought we’d see Darth Vader. like that.

1) Bob Newhart

veteran actor Bob Newhart gives one of the best performances in the series as Arthur Jeffries. Arthur played Professor Proton on a science TV show that Sheldon loved and is also his idol. However, Arthur doesn’t like Sheldon that much and isn’t afraid to make it clear.

Newhart’s dry delivery and quick wit are great and make Arthur more than a basic recurring character. Despite her dislike of Sheldon, the two form an odd bond and even share touching moments. In a season nine episode, a deceased Arthur appears as a force ghost to Sheldon and hesitantly gives him advice.

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