The best-reviewed TV shows of 2022


Another year, another tidal wave of new TV shows to follow. We’re in times of plenty, with more streaming services (and therefore more content) vying for our time than ever before. Keeping up with new TV releases in 2022 is no small task, and figuring out which of these shows are worth watching can be even harder.

To help you sort through the vast sea of ​​TV, we’ve compiled this list of every new TV season released in 2022 that IGN has given a rating of 8 or higher. From animated hits like Diabolical and The Cuphead Show to live-action debuts like Peacemaker and Yellowjackets, these are IGN’s top 10 rated TV shows of 2022 (so far).

This article will be updated throughout the year as new television seasons receive qualifying ratings.

Best Reviewed TV Shows of 2022

In our opinion: Yellowjackets delivers on the promises laid out in its pilot by crafting an engaging television season that balances the high-concept premise with engaging character exploration. The show traces the bonds these young women forge from their unexpected trauma and reveals what they become 25 years later. The tragedy of the accident and its aftermath magnifies who these young women are, who they will become, and lays bare the horror of loss of hope. There are a lot of things that make Yellowjackets an interesting watch: the writing, the unique female point of view and the mysteries, but above all, it’s the amazing ensemble that introduces us to a group of fearless, frustrating and vulnerable characters. like no other. I’ll see anywhere else on TV. – Tara Bennett


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