There is an urgent need to discourage this chronic indifference across the public service


Mr. Editor,

Why are all the brilliant and forward-thinking administrations of the past two decades so fond of living in the past – behavior unrecognizable by their regional and international counterparts? The former all insist on the management of the Personal Function. So that one wonders what expression is used when communicating with foreign agencies (as many) at home as abroad?

The recent Ministry of Labor announcement for personnel officers must clearly be a deliberate attempt to discourage qualified human resource management candidates – a chronic indifference manifested across the public service. So there is little or no compassion shown by these untrained public servants who might alert insensitive (public) employers to the fact that in these times of such different climates there is an urgent need to communicate, to motivate, to provide housing for feedback from which the first can learn to do

better than repeating the mistakes of a pompous authority; to be particularly concerned about the implications of having a high proportion of employees who have to deal with too many insensitivities. Why is it so difficult to understand that in organizations productive human resources are in fact human beings who want to feel respected?

On a more practical note, an opportunity should be sought with the GOAL scholarship program to identify the possibility of converting “staff” into “human resources” – an urgent need at the Ministry of Labor.


Director of Human Resources (retired)

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