Thousands of thermometers donated to schools to ensure safe reopening


The thermometers will help schools ensure that children entering the premises do not suffer from high body temperature and fever, one of the common symptoms of COVID-19.

UNICEF and the New Zealand government have donated more than 4,000 infrared thermometers to the Solomon Islands Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development (MEHRD). Funded by a grant from the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), the thermometers will support the safe reopening of all schools nationwide.

“MEHRD is very happy to receive these thermometers today. On behalf of our Minister of Education, the Hon. Ms. Lanelle Tanangada, the management team, MEHRD staff and all of our education authorities, I would like to sincerely thank UNICEF and MFAT for mobilizing and coordinating support through GPE to make delivery possible. of these thermometers to my ministry,” said Assistant Secretary of MEHRD – Education, Christopher Sakiri.

“Our secondary schools started classes on May 30. Primary classes will start on June 13 and early childhood will start on July 4. This support is really timely. It will certainly help strengthen our school’s prevention efforts against COVID-19 as well as early detection. The MEHRD will continue to strive to achieve its overarching objectives of the NEAP 2022-2026 of managing its education system – improving access, with inclusion and quality, with relevance in these challenging times. But this will be done with a view to safety against the impacts of COVID-19,” he added.

The thermometers will help schools ensure that children entering the premises do not suffer from high body temperature and fever, one of the common symptoms of COVID-19. School management teams will record the temperature of every staff member and every child as they enter the premises to ensure schools remain safe and protected learning environments for all children.

“UNICEF strongly encourages children to return to face-to-face learning, while continuously working with the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development to strengthen efforts to ensure the highest level of safety in schools,” said UNICEF Pacific’s Chief of Solomon. Islands Field Office, Dr. Zelalem Taffesse. “The thermometers we are handing over today will reach every school in the country, even the most remote areas. We look forward to seeing all the children back in the classrooms and learning safely as soon as possible. »

The thermometers received by the ministry today will help accelerate schools’ efforts to ensure they keep COVID-19 at bay, along with other prevention measures, including proper mask-wearing and social distancing between children.

“The Government of Aotearoa New Zealand is proud to support the purchase of these infrared thermometers in partnership with the Department of Education and Human Resource Development, UNICEF and the Global Partnership for Education,” said said the second secretary of the New Zealand High Commission in the Solomon Islands, Olivia Benton-Guy. “We will continue to work alongside the ministry and other education partners in the Solomon Islands to help children return to school safely and continue their education.”

The thermometers were procured by UNICEF as Grant Agent and the Government of New Zealand as Coordinating Agency, with financial support from GPE.

Source: press release

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