US Army to Delay Transition Period Prior to IPPS-A Version 3 | Article


WASHINGTON — The Army will delay the transition period for Version 3 of the Army’s Integrated Personnel and Compensation System, which was originally scheduled for this month, based on the results of limited user testing.

“We have made significant progress thanks to the excellent work of our soldiers who participated as system testers, but we still have work to do before IPPS-A is ready,” said Lt. -General Doug Stitt, Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1. “We need to get it right for our soldiers and our Army families.”

Limited user testing, a complex stress test used to validate system readiness, along with soldier feedback, identified items that needed to be addressed before full implementation. Legacy human resources systems will remain operational while leaders evaluate necessary updates.

“Our objective has not changed. We will continue to work to ensure the force is ready for the fielding of IPPS-A,” said Col. Rebecca Eggers, IPPS-A Functional Management Division Director. “IPPS-A is a key enabler for modernizing human resources and data, and is a critical enabler for Army talent management. We will use this additional time to train HR professionals and leaders on how to support their soldiers using the enhanced capabilities and functionality of IPPS-A. »

Soldiers and HR personnel should continue to use legacy HR systems. If issues with personnel or financial records arise, they are encouraged to contact their personnel offices and/or chains of command.

For more information on IPPS-A, please visit the website at IPPS-A can also be found on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.


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