Warehouse Resource Optimization System (WROS): Use all the human resources and functions you have in your warehouse today


In modern supply chains, the optimization of warehouse operations is often tied to warehouse fulfillment systems (WES) and this is often only associated with intelligent robotics and automation. Yes, robots are awesome and cool… but the vast majority of Distributors and Third Party Logistics (3PL) continue to rely on human workers in their warehouses.

So how can distributors and 3PLs of all sizes increase their human workforce, differentiate their brands, and evolve their capabilities to meet new market challenges?

Tecsys’ new eBook introduces a Warehouse Resource Optimization System (WROS) to help solve this problem. Although WROS is still a very new term and capability, supply chain managers can take this opportunity to understand the benefits of WROS and how best to apply it. WROS can help optimize technologies and workforce investments, and then develop a distribution organization in an increasingly dynamic economic environment.

Learn more about a WROS and how it can augment your human workforce with best practice warehousing techniques enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI) to increase your efficiency and improve throughput.

Please CLICK HERE to download the white paper.

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