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Imagine that as a human resources manager, you encounter a complex problem that will affect both the company and its customers, customers and employees.

Typically, bosses and HR managers come together to solve this problem by planning a solution that will reduce the problems at the root of the problem. An example is to create policies that will be enforced across the enterprise.

There is nothing wrong with that. However, there are other ways to handle universal HR issues that will maximize your employees’ creativity and the extent of their ability to reach out to others. This is called design thinking.

Design thinking is a human resource management strategy that focuses on human-centered solutions. This method involves empathizing with clients and customers to foster relationships and connections. It involves understanding why people behave the way they do and seeing their motivation and needs. Empathy can reveal things that you, as an HR manager, may not have seen.

It also encourages the application of creative and original principles for any idea or project. This is a hands-on approach to creating innovation.

Where can design thinking be applied in HR management?

What’s great is that design thinking can be applied to a wide range of human resource management processes: recruiting, finding the right learning opportunities, improving employee and business performance, and seeking solutions to retain talent so that workers become assets for the company.

Design thinking in human resource management can be applied to learning and development. Design thinking can be used to improve employee development plans and establish a diverse and inclusive learning culture in your company. A good example is the creation of a mentoring or peer mentoring program. Ask your employees how they would like to do it and how they would prefer to learn.

Design thinking in human resource management can improve the employee experience. Because design thinking is human-centric, it’s ideal for improving the employee experience. The whole idea of ​​design thinking focuses on looking at things from the perspective of workers.

Design thinking in human resource management can help find solutions to retain talent. It has been difficult for companies to cultivate talent these days because of the big resignation, but through design thinking, HR managers will be able to understand what motivates employees to resign and they will be able to create centered solutions. on the human to face these problems.

Design Thinking tools in HR management

A great tool you can use to apply design thinking is to create “personas” that will help you stay human-centric in your processes. You will create fictional characters that represent your ideal type of employee. The persona should reveal the needs, goals, wants, behaviors and emotions of the employees.

Another tool is “journey mapping,” which will help you visualize, capture, and understand all your employee touchpoints. It starts when a candidate applies to your company and ends when they leave.


Applying design thinking in human resource management will open up new avenues of innovation and creativity in your business. It focuses on empathy with the people you interact with – from customers to employees. This will help foster and maintain relationships within the organization.

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