Which “Human Resources” character corresponds to your zodiac sign?


When Human ressources dropped last week on Netflix, no one really knew what to expect. We knew it was a spin-off from the hugely popular Big mouth, but beyond that, details have been kept under wraps. It goes without saying, Human ressources is an absolute slam dunk of comedy writing and television. But which of these love bugs, logic rocks, addiction angels, and grief sweaters matches your sign? Let’s find out!

Aries – Walter the Love Bug

Aries, you are very passionate, and that’s usually a good thing; but sometimes it can get out of hand and get you in trouble. As we see with Walter, your emotions can flip in no time, and you let them out the moment you feel them (not a bad thing, just something to watch out for). You tend to cling to things, even when it’s best for everyone you let go (if you know what I’m talking about, you know what I’m talking about). Typically, you are a hard worker and not afraid to stand up for what you believe in. Plus, you like love, so it makes sense that you’re a love bug.

Taurus – Maury the hormonal monster

Grounded and practical; these are words that Maury usually lives by, just like you, Taurus. You focus on what you can change and ignore what you can’t. Just like Maury, you probably fall in love very quickly with people who don’t really love you back, but your charm and endearing nature make it nearly impossible not to love you. You are authentic and never afraid to be yourself, and we wouldn’t want you any other way.

Gemini – Mona the Hormone Monster

Gemini, you are a hot tamale of emotions. Due to your sign’s duality, you are naturally more emotionally unstable than many of the signs on this list. Mona represents your fiery nature and no BS attitude. You can go from sexy to serious to hilarious in an instant, and you’re a master of conversation and social situations. Don’t be afraid to show the real you, Gemini, the one that hides under your myriad masks. You are a unique character, especially as an air sign, and you should use that to your advantage.

Cancer – Rochelle the insect of love

My God, Rochelle is such a cancer. She leads with her heart, but maintains accountability. She knows she has a job to do, and she will be there for you until the very end. But, as seen in her relationship with Dante, she can sometimes act on her own terms and in her own personal interests. Plus, she’s pretty oblivious and flippant about Pete’s advances, which is a classic Cancer move. You want what you can’t have, or what you can fix.

Leo – Connie the hormonal monster

Main event alert! Connie really shines throughout the first season as one of the main voices. She knows she’s the moment, and she’s not afraid to let everyone know. She can sometimes be easily swayed by her emotions (because she’s a fire sign), but she’ll always do what’s best for her. As we see in the finale with Maury, she’s not afraid to stand up for her own needs and desires, even if they can hurt others.

Virgo – Becca

You are a total villain, Virgo. I mean, Beyoncé is a Virgo and that’s no coincidence. You are a hard worker who tries to do everything; be a present mother, a loving wife, an incredible advocate, while navigating your own mental health issues. You always manage to get there in the end, and frankly, you make it look easy. You set the bar ridiculously high for the rest of us, but you are an icon.

Libra – Pete the Logic Rock

I can already hear the comments, “Pete is a Capricorn!”. Ok, I hear you, but let’s talk about that too. As a Libra, Pete is incredibly balanced and able to maintain a lot of structure and consistency in his life. It is also an air sign, which makes it a secret romantic (see its advances on Rochelle) and a very good adviser. But above all, you are pragmatic and you will never let feelings stop you from making good decisions.

Scorpio – Dante the angel of drug addiction

Ok so, this one was obvious. An ethereal sexy being who is fueled by passion and contempt for commitment? It’s a Scorpio, honey. Just like Dante, you are an adventurer who likes to keep his ropes to himself. You’re the hardest party animal of the zodiac and you don’t mind riding alone for a while, especially if it means no commitment. But you’re still likely to fall in love, even if you don’t admit it, since you’re a water sign (see her arc with Rochelle).

Sagittarius – Sonya the Love Bug

You walked around the block, Sag. You are usually a top dog, dominating the council room and the bedroom. But you have a fatal flaw; to fall in love. Much like Sonya, the only crimes you’ve ever committed were in the name of true love, and your love stories are often the most tragic of the zodiac. You’re quick to bounce back, taking the knocks of life, but don’t deny your own feelings, no matter how hard to handle them.

Capricorn – Petra the Gremlin Ambition

This one was so obvious too. I mean, Capricorns are basically all Ambition Gremlins. You are strongly focused on your career, your future and your prospects. You’re chasing the newspaper, and that’s why you always look so good. You are the original independent personality, sometimes because of your feelings or the feelings of those you love. Don’t be afraid to open up, Capricorn, no one will think of you less.

Aquarius – Emmy the Love Bug

Aquarius, you’re just trying to stay the course, huh? Just like Emmy, you’re a hot mess but you’re a riot of laughs, and when we’re not laughing with you, we don’t mind being laughed at. You can hold grudges and aren’t afraid to get dirty when it comes to drama, but you always revert to pragmatic and logical thinking, as an intellectual sign of the zodiac.

Pisces – Doug

You are just a gem, Pisces. Like Doug, even with your quirks and quirks, you grow on the people around you, and you’re not afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve. As a water sign, you’ll often lead/think with your emotions, which isn’t always the smartest option, but you’ll never wonder what could have been, as you chase the things that set you free. hold dear. Continue to be an icon, Pisces.


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